About Me

Hey there.

I’m a 47-year-old one-time journalist, one-time ESL teacher, current writer and sometime-photographer.
I’ve been keeping this personal blog since 2006, albeit with gaps here and there both large and small.  I’ve  had similar sites before that; they’ve become lost in the digital strata of Internet time.

After gallivanting back and forth across the globe for the last few years, I’ve settled back down in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, for the time being. I’ve been enjoying the four ever-changing seasons — something I’ve learned that I really did miss while living abroad.

I’m only updating this somewhat sporadically at the moment and for the foreseeable future; otherwise it becomes a job, and I don’t want that. There are occasional flurries of activity, however.

If you want to contact me, you’ll have to email me. Or leave a comment anywhere on the site.


P.S. My professional site is here; as are my photography and book sites. I know, I know — it’s the same drill:  long periods of inactivity followed by occasional flurries of posting. C’est la vie.

Oh, and why the Gecko’s Bark? It just seemed … apropos … after living in the wilds of Thailand for a while:

The latest — ahem! — posts, with blurbs:

  • A Month In a Bucolic Paradise (9/11/2016) - As a culture Isaan is distinct from other parts of Thailand and has more in common with Laos and Khmer Cambodia than anything else, although I didn't realize that until I was actually living in Thailand for awhile. Much of what I assumed was just Thai culture in general was actually Isaan culture in particular ...
  • Arriving in Nong Khai, Thailand (9/5/2016) - It is the difference between night and day, in many significant ways, between Bangkok, situated on the Gulf, and Nong Khai, Thailand some 389 miles to the northeast. On the one hand it's urban vs. rural, but it's much more than that. Nong Khai is a center of Isaan culture ...
  • Of Politics, Facebook and Nong Khai, Thailand (9/3/2016) - I just wanted to weigh in on three seemingly unrelated topics, Facebook, politics and Nong Khai, Thailand -- seemingly unrelated topics because they are, in point of fact, unrelated. So why include them in one post? I'm lazy ... and then there are the kids at Sarnelli House ...
  • The Mundane At Best and the Inane at Worst (8/27/2016) - Looking back through the years, I realize that I was angry much of the time, and that was what drove a lot of my writing. Of course I was angry about lots of things -- politics, for example was a big one, and emblematic of what's changed about me; I find I just don't care about it. Any of it.
  • A Belated So Long and Farewell, Isara Foundation (8/20/2016) - ... Isara Foundation, you may recall, was the non-profit I volunteered for back in March of 2010. I was checking some links and doing some housekeeping on my professional site today, and came across a blurb about Isara, and decided to look them up; it had obviously been a while since I had visited their site. ...

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